Biography Of Kazi Nazrul Islam

Hints : Introduction – born 24 May,1899,Burdwan – early education at madrasa – father died, joined army during war – first writing from Karachi 1920 – patriot, poet, singer – works, connected with journals – famous for Bidrohi, Dhumketu – revolutionary writing, British banned – Hindu – Muslim brotherhood – taken to Bangladesh, mental disease – death 29 August,1976.


Kazi Nazrul Islam is known as rebel poet of Bengal. He was born in Bardhaman on 24th May 1899.He had his early education at village Madrasa. He was well versed Urdu and Persian. After the death of his father Nazrul joined the army during the First World War. His first writing was published from Karachi now in Pakistan. He was a great patriot, poet and a good singer. He created a new school of song called Nazrul Geeti. He wrote many books of poems -full revolutionary spirit and nationalistic outlook. He composed more than two thousands songs. He had bagged many awards.He was connected with the journals Nava Yug, Ganabani etc. He was famous for his poems Bidrohi,Dhumketu etc. Some of his writings were banned by the British rulers. Nazrul preached and practised Hindu – Muslim brotherhood. Padmabhusan was conferred on the poet. In his last life he was suffering from mental paralysis. He was invited to Bangladesh where he died on 29th August 1976.

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