Paragraph writing mobile phone use and abuse

Mobile Phone – Its Uses and Abuses

Points: What it is – uses – examples – conversion – SMS – e-mail -photo – minicomputer – internet -abuses – examples – ringing in place of assembly – driving cars – crossing roads- teleshopping – terrorists -health hazards – moderation in use.

A mobile phone or cellphone is a hand- held portable radiophone that uses the cellular or satellite network for voice or data communication.Unlike landline phones, which are fixed, mobile phones can be easily carried, and one can contact a person anywhere whether at home, on bus in street or in a meeting. Apart from talking it can be used for sending SMS, email and for talking photos and videos. High-end mobiles act as mini computers, offering services like internet, diary, music, ipod,calculator, alarm clock, etc. It is extremely useful in emergencies. But there is a tendency to abuse it. To many,it is an addiction rather than a necessity.A cellphone ringing is an auditorium is most annoying. Using a mobile phone while driving a car or a motor bike and crossing a road or a railway track had late to many accidents. Teleshopping is a great ruisance. Privacy is often violated, as most mobile users are unware that they could be photographed or tracked. Terrorists is this gadget to trigger bombs and achieve their ends. Mobile can also causes health hazards. The radiation from mobiles may causes injury to the brain. Cellphones on vibration mode put in front pocket may damage the heartbeat system. With all its advantages, what is, therefore, needed is moderation in the use aap mobile phones.

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