Preparation of Tea/Madhyamik Process Writing

Dear Students, welcome to the official website of ‘Bornomala.In.’ In this post we have discussed the process writing of making tea.

Use the following flow-chart to describe how tea is prepared.Make use of linkers to tie up your sentence :-

Pour cold water in a kettle – boil it until vapour comes out – put tea-leaf in a tea pot – pour boiling water into the tea-pot and leave it for 2 minutes – pass the solutions through sieve and pour in cups – add sugar and milk as required and stir with a tea-spoon – serve it hot.


Tea is a hot drink. The process of preparation of tea passes through the following stages. At first a certain quantity of cold water is taken in a kettle.Then the kettle is put on a burning stove. The water is allowed to boil until vapour comes out of the kettle. Now the required quantity of tea leaf is put in a tea pot.Next the the boiling water of the kettle is poured into the tea-pot. It is covered with a lid and left for 2 minutes. The liquor is then passed through a sieve and poured into cups. Then sugar and milk are added to the cups as required and the mixture is stirred well with a tea-spoon. Tea thus prepared is now ready to be served. It is sipped hot to enjoy it’s flavour and taste.

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