Asleep in the valley -Notes for H.S Students WBCHSE,West Bengal

Dear students get a lot of notes /Question and Answer from Asleep in the valley, prepare them well,do a best result in your test & final examination.

MCQ(Multiple Choice Questions) With Answer.Mark-1

1…..The soldier is not disturbed by the insects because- a) he is dead b) he is nature lover c) he is peaceful d) he is violent……….. Answer…..a) he is dead

2….. The ‘red holes’ indicate these are the wounds of- a) blood clots b)stabmarks c) bullet d) arrow……….. Answer…..c) bullet

3…… The ‘sleep’ of the soldier indicates- a) rest b) death c)repose d) recreation……….. Answer……b) death

4….. The theme of the poem is – a) brotherhood b) the valour of soldiers c) celebrating peace d) the insignificance of war………. Answer…..d) the insignificance of war

5….. Who is directed to keep the soldier warm- a) Sun b) Moon c) God d) Nature………. Answer…..d) Nature

6….. The valley is filled with the light of-a) The Moon b) The Sun c) The Stars d) The Torch………. Answer…..b) The Sun

7…..The Soldier is- a) very old b) very young c) weak d) idle………. Answer…..b) very young

8…..The soldier’s feet are placed among- a)bushes b) pillows c)flowers d) grass………. Answer……c) flowers

9…..The dead man’s smile is compared to-a) a kid’s smile b) a child’s smile c) an old’s man smile d) a buffoon’s smile………. Answer…..b) a child’s smile

10…..The from of poetry is- a) ode b) dramatic monologue c) haiku d) sonnet………. Answer…..d) sonnet

11……Which country did Rimbaud’s belong to- a) Dutch b) German c) French d) India………. Answer…..c) French

12….. This is a poem about – a) Sonnet b) Dramatic monologue c) Haiku d) Ode……….. Answer…..a) Sonnet

13……The poem delivers- a) the beauty of the valley b) the glory of war c) the pity of war d) the bravery of soldier………. Answer…..c) the pity of war

SAQ(Short Answer Type Question) With Answer.Mark-1

1….. How how is the valley look like?

Answer:- small, green and brightened with sunlight.

2….. How is the valley brightened?

Answer:- by the sun rays

3… Which adjective is use to qualify the insect?

Answer:- humming

4….. What is meant by ‘Sun-soaked earth?

Answer:- the valley get s the warm rays of the Sun and vegetation grow there abundantly.

5…… What is the main theme of the poem?

Answer:- the futility of the war.

6….. Which smile is used to describe the deadman’s smile?

Answer:- a child’s smile

7….. How is the soldier presented in the poem?

Answer:-as a symbol of the pity of war.

8…… How do you know that the soldier is dead?

Answer:- He had two red wounds on his chest.

9….. What do you mean by ‘without guile’?

Answer:- pretensions

10….. What does the ‘heavy undergrowth’ refer to?

Answer:- small plants and bushes that grow under the tree.

DAQ/LAQ/BROAD Questions With Answer. Mark-6

1….. Question -Give a description of the valley in ‘Asleep in the valley’? Or ‘A small green valley’-Describe the natural scenery revealed in the poem.

Answer:- In the poem ‘Asleep in the valley’ the poet Arthur Rimbaud present a small green valley in the first quatrain .Here a slow steam flows. The steam looks like a silver strands on the bright grass.The entire valley looks bright and warm as the sunlight fill up the valley from the mountain top. Beside the sun’s rays fill hollow full of light.In the second quatrain ,we see ferns and other flowing plants in the valley. Beside there are also variety of insects .They hum near the dead soldier. So the total description of valley is clear and complete.

2….. Question -How does the soldier lie in the valley? Or ‘A soldier, very young’- Describe the condition of soldier?

Answer:- In the poem ‘Asleep in the valley’ the poet Arthur Rimbaud describe the tragedy of war through the presentation of dead soldier. In the second quatrain the poet presents young soldier. He lies open, mouthed in the valley. So he looks s like asleep man .His head is on a pillow which is made a fern leaves.His body is on the heavy under growth.His feets are covered with flowers.Though he is asleep ,he has smile on the face like an infant. The humming insects don’t disturb his rest. He is sleeping in sunlight. He keeps his one hand on his chest ,peacefully. At last we see the two red holes.This indicates that the soldier is daed. In this way the soldier lies in the valley.

3….. Question -Attitude of the poet towards war/anti-war fellings/tragedy of war/futility of war in the poem, Asleep In The Valley? Or ‘In his side there are twored holes’ Who is the person? What do the two holes signify?

Answer:- The poem ‘Asleep in the valley’ is a poem about war. The poet Arthur Rimbaud had first had experience of war and understood the fulility of war because the poet himself was a solder in the Dutch Colonial army.So he believed that war killed human life brutality.To him war is a big slaughter -house for soldiers.Here the poet represent a young soldier who lies open mouthed with a pillow made of fern.He stretches himself on the thick bushes keeping his feet among flower.But at last poet notice that the humming insects don’t disturb his rest.More over, there are two red holes in his side.This indicates that he is dead by piercing two bullets.So he is casualty of war.This is the tragedy of war.In this way the poem reveals anti-war attitude of the poet.

4….. Question -“The humming insects don’t disturb his rest”-Who is referred to by his? What are the humming insects? Why can not the humming insects disturb his rest? Explain the irony of the ‘rest’?

Answer:- A young soldier who is taking rest is referred to by ‘his’

The humming insects are the bees in the valley.

The humming insects can’t disturb his rest because he is dead.There is a two red hole on his breast that is the bullets wounds.

We see apparently that a young soldier is sleeping in valley.He take rest.But at last we understand that he is the victim of war by the word ‘two red holes’.So he takes eternal ‘rest’-dead. Two bullets has hit his body.Here lies the irony.More over we know that any eternal sleep rest can not be disturbed by any one.

5….. Question -Justify the title of the poem?

Answer:- Generally, Asleep In The Valley means sleeping in the valley the poem primarily describes the beautiful scenery of the valley where a young soldier is lying asleep on the valley open mouthed we think naturally that the soldier is talking rest peacefully in the sunlight.So the poet request nature to keep him warm other wise he may catch cold.Suddenly the poet recognizes the two red holes by the side of his body.It reminds the poet the two red holes by the side of his body.It reminds the poet the two bullet wounds marked by blood.This depicts that the soldier is already dead.More over, the insects don’t disturb his taking rest.It reveals the the soldier is the victim of war.So he takes eternal sleep i.e death symbolically the title means the death of young soldier in the battlefield.So the title Asleep in the valley suggests the tragedy of war .Hence the title is apt and appropriate.

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