Write a short paragraph about the preparation of tomato jelly.

Dear Students, welcome to the official website of Bornomala.In.In this post we have discussed the process writing of Tomato Jelly.

Read the flow chart below and write down how to making of Tomato Jelly within 100 words.

Outlines:- tomato bought from market >sorting and removing rotten once> cleaning >smashing >juice extracting> boiled for 30 minutes >sugar,cilli,adding> jelly prepared> cool and bottle



Tomato jelly is a tasty food. Tomatoes are bought from market. Then the good and fresh tomatoes are sorted out and the bad once are removed .The good tomatoes are cleaned .They are then smashed juice is extracted. The extract is next boiled for 30 minutes. Certain amount of sugar and chilli powder are added to the hot juice. The jelly is thus prepared.It is cooled and bottled for future use.

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