Biography of Jagadish Chandra Bose

Hints:- Introduction- Birth: Nov 30, 1858 Dhaka – School: Father at Faridpur – early education, st. Xavier, Kolkata – B.A. from St. Xavier, B.Sc. London – Professor of Presidency College – Proved Plant’s life – First in wireless – Set up Bose Institute, patriot, writer – Death: 23 Nov 1937


Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose was one of the greatest scientists of the world. He was born on 30th November,1858 in Dhaka now in Bangladesh. His father held a high office under the British Government. On completion of his early education at Faridpur he came to Kolkata to get himself admitted to st Xavier’s School. He passed the the BA from St. Xavier’s College.He went to London for the study of science. Cambridge University honoured him with the D.Sc Degree.He went become professor of Physics in Presidency College, Kolkata.He was the first to prove that plants have life like any living beings. He was the first scientist in the field of wireless.He setup the Bose Institute – a scientific research centre in Kolkata. He was not only a great scientist but also a patriot.He was keenly interested in literature and wrote several literary essays in Bengali, 1937.His death created a vacuum in the world of science.

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