My Home Essay 200 Words

Hints: Introduction – location – house,room,garden – member of the family – their work – neighbours – your parts -place of peace.

‘East or West my home is the best’. I live in my home at dhaniakhali in Hooghly.It is by the side of a main road. The house faces south. We have six rooms. They are airy. Besides, there are the kitchen, dining room and toilet in the house.We use one of the bedrooms as the study. It is stuffed with books, beautiful dolls and nice art pieces. We bring them from fairs and new places we visit. We have a small garden where we grow vegetables and flowers. I live with my parents, grandmother and a little sister. My sister is bit bossy. My father is a businessman and mother a housewife. She cooks our food and take care of the family. We have got good neighbours. They are kind and cooperative. They are our friends in need. I love all of our family. I love my grandmother most. I never do anything that pains my parents.I take care of our garden, water the plants and lend my helping and to my mother. My home is a temple of peace.’ Be it ever humble, ther’s no place like home.’

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