Essay On My First Day At School 285 Words In English

Dear Students, welcome to the official website of ‘Bornomala.In’. In this post we have discussed the paragraph writing of’ My first day at school’.Prepare and practice this paragraph.


POINTS:- early memories -friends-the first teacher -fondness for school -conclusion.

Answer:- The memory of my first day at school in still fresh in my mind. I was then five plus and it was the second day of January of that year. On the auspicious day I got to school with my mother. There were many boys and girls in the school ground already. They became my classmates and friends later. Soon I was taken to the Headmistress. She asked me some questions most of which I could answer correctly. Then she called a maid who took me to class I. A little girl was crying as her mother had left her in the class. There were other kids in the class. Aunty came to the class and consoled the crying girl. The aunty was a good lady. She had entered room with chalk, a duster and a register in her hand.She wrote a simple sum on the board and asked us to do.I could do it easily and showed it to the teacher. She gave a ‘good’ in my exercise book. When such a class was going on the school bell had gone.The school broke up after the first period on the first day of the school.I ran out to see my mother. She was waiting for me outside.I felt a strong attraction for the school,for my classmates and all around within a school time. Sometimes in my vacant mood the first day at my school comes to my mind.

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