Essay On My Favorite Teacher

Dear Students,welcome to the official website of ‘Bornomala.In’. In this post we have discussed the paragraph writing of ‘My favorite teacher’.


POINTS:- Name of the teacher -Subject he/she teaches-Qualities of the teacher that you admire-How has he/she inspired you

Answer:- I love and respect all my teachers. I am lucky to be liked my all of them. But Sk Saber Ali is my favourite teacher in the school. He teaches us different skills of English. He teaches us how to speak English in the class and to read and write English correctly. He is an energetic teacher with good knowledge of English. I like him for his impressive personality and his love and affection for the students. I admire the qualities of his character as well as his fluency in speaking English.His devotion to the cause of education has inspired me much. Like Socrates he tries to teach the students the virtue of truth and justice. He has highly moral ideas. He teaches with missionary zeal. He explains everything so lucidly that the matter he teaches appears to be interesting.He inspires me to be a good man and to lead a simple life in the future. I like to be an ideal teacher like him. Mr. Ali is the philosopher and guide of my life. He is my friend guardian all rolled in one.I love and admire him most.

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