Preparation of Hand Sanitizer/Madhyamik English Process Writing

Dear Students, welcome to the official website of ‘Bornomala.In’. In this post we have discussed the processes writing of ‘Hand Sanitizer’.


At present, hand sanitizer is a very important item in our daily life.It is usually used to kill germs on the hands. The processing of hand sanitizer has to undergo a chain of processes.

First of all, aloe vera gel, rubbing or isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide,distilled water and essential oil are brought from the market. 2/3 cups rubbing or isopropyl alcohol and 2 tablespoon aloe vera gel are poured into a bowl. Then they are mixed properly with a spoon.Next distilled water and hydrogen peroxide are added to the solution and stirred well. After that, a few drops of essential oil is added to the solution for a nice fragrance. Now the hand sanitizer is ready to use. Finally, the whole solution is poured into the spray bottle.

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