Preparation of Omlette/Omelette Processing


OUTLINES:- Peeling and slicing and onion – mincing two chillies – keeping together in a bowl – breaking into eggs – beating the white portion and the yolk with a spoon to mix well – mixing with onion and chilli pieces – adding salt – stirring – frying and rolling – served in a plate

For preparation of an omelette, first peel and onion and slice it into pieces. Mince two chillies and keep them together in a bowl. Break two eggs in a pot and beat the white protein and the yolk with a spoon to mix well.Add the onion and chilli pieces and some salt to it and stirr the mixer thoroughly. Heat some mustard oil in a frying pan and pour the egg mixture on it. Spread it all over and fry it for some time. Roll the fry. The omelette is now ready. Serve it on a hot plate.

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