Processing Writing How To Make A Mask

Dear students, welcome to the official website of ‘Bornomala. In’. In this post we have discussed the process ‘how the mask is prepared’.

How the mask is prepared

Now a days mask is a very useful thing in our daily life. We use it to prevent spreading of the virus. The preparation of musk is very simple. Musk is made flowing a few steps.First of all cloth,needle,thread,elastic,kitchen paper,scissors are brought from the market. Then the cloths is cut into two rectangle shapes by 25cm 15cm. After that the clothes are placed on top of each other lengthways. Next it is folded over the top of the fabric 0.6 cm and stiched 2.5 cm inwards from the edge on either side. It creates a filter pocket. Thereafter the shorter sides in about 1 cm are folded and stitched leaving a gap to thread elastic is thread through the hem on one side and tied the ends. It is prepared on the other side. Afterwards the kitchen paper is put inside the pocket as filter. Then it is gathered the side of the mask on the elastic and adjusted so the mask fits your face. The elastic is stitched in place. Now it is ready to use.

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