Paragraph on Lockdown in English


The term lockdown is employed for a jail protocol that typically prevents people, information or objects from leaving the vicinity. It can only be initiated by someone during a position of authority or government. A full lockdown usually means people must stay where they are and should not entire or exit a building or rooms within it, wanting to move to the closest place designated safe if not already in such an area.

A lockdown may be a requirement for people to remain where they are usually eliminates specific risks to themselves or to others if they will move freely. The term ‘stay at home’ or ‘shelter in place’ is often used for lockdowns that effects an area rather than specific locations. A lockdown can also be used to protect people from a threat or other external event. In buildings doors leading outside are usually locked in order that nobody may enter or exit. This case is witnessed by the entire world. It seemed that the planet has stood still and time isn’t passing. Everybody is isolated from his/her dear and near ones.

During the lockdown, the poor and labour class people are the worst sufferers. They lose their work and can’t earn for his or her family. Getting food once on a daily basis is simply too hard to rearrange. The labours who work outside their place and feel anxious about their family. The businessman can’t do their business and that they become depressed. The Economy crashes down and also the government must be sure of the full countrymen. This is often an extremely hard time for everybody.

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