Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar Biography

HINTS:- Introduction- born at Birsingha in Midnapur in1820-admitted to Sanskrit College-teacher,Principal of Sanskrit College-inspector of schools-ocean of learning -wrote many books ‘Barnaparichaya’ father of Bengal prose-social reformer,stopped child marriage,started window remarrige-ocean of kindness-died in 1891.

Answer:- Ishwar Chandra is well known as Vidyasagar in Bengal. He was born at birsingha in Midnapore in the year 1820. His father, Thakurdas Bandyopadhya brought him to Kolkata and got him admitted to the Sanskrit college.

Later he became a teacher and finally principal of the same college. Next he was appointed Inspector of schools. He was a great Sanskrit scholar. So he was called Vidyasagar -an ocean of learning.He wrote and translated many books in Bengali.He was the father of Bengali prose.His ‘Barnaparichya’ is still the largest selling book in Bengal. Vidyasager was also a great social reformer.He set up many schools for girls. He stopped child -marriage and started widow remarriage. Vidyasagar was kind hearted man who always helped the poor. So he was known as ‘an ocean of kindness’. This great Pandit passed away in 1891. Since then Bengal has given birth to a few social reformers.

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