Biography of MEGHNAD SAHA (1893-1956)Indian Scientist.

Hints: Introduction – born: 6Oct,1893 at Dhaka- Parents: Jagnanath- Education: Middle School, Dhaka, Presidency College- Service: Professor Physics,Mathematics, Palitprofessor of Kolkata and Allahabad University – Work: Theory of Thermal effects, Institute of Nuclear Physics, planner of DVC, MP in 1952 – Death : 16 Feb, 1956 -His classmate Satyendranath Bose.

Dr Meghnath Saha was a great Indian scientist. He was born on October 6, 1893 in Dhaka.His early education started at Middle School in Dhaka. He was next admitted to Dhaka Collegiate School and next to Presidency College in Kolkata. After doing his he became a professor of Physics at Kolkata University where he taught both Physics and Mathematics. He was elected fellow of the Royal Society and appointed Palit Professor at Kolkata University. He also taught at Ahmedabad University. His remarkable work in the field of science was the invention of theory of thermal effect on ion. He established the institute of Nuclear Physics in Kolkata. His river planning of Damodar Valley Corporation in remarkable.Dr. Shah was elected member of Parliament in 1952. He was a patriot social worker.He breathed his last on the 16 February, 1956 leaving behind him his classmate, another great scientist, Satyendranath Bose.

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