Paragraph Writing Vocational Training

Hints: Introduction (practical study) – training for particular job – ready for job – does not require higher education – opportunity for mass employment – includes carpentery, decoration, toy making, book binding etc. – students realise in our country – Gandhiji felt – effective to solve unemployment.

Vocational training is a course of practical study. It prepares a student for a particular work. This training does not aim at giving bookish knowledge. So the trainee is ready for a job after completion of such training. This training products manual jobs. The training does not require higher education. In countries like India, it can provide employment to vast illiterate or semi -illiterate people. Trade includes carpentry, weaving, decoration, watch repairing, toy making book binding etc. Vocational training makes a man more competent and for his job. Students have now realised the importance of such training. But Institutions are inadequate and arrangements on satisfactory. Vocational training enables student to earn independently. Gandhiji realised that majority of the people must be given practical training to earn their living. Vocational training is an effective way to solve the unemployment problem. So this training is of great service to the society.

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