Usefulness of Trees/Man & Trees Paragraph Writing

Hints : Introduction – gifts of trees – creating pollution – free atmosphere – preventing soil – erosion and floods – steps taken by the state – advantages to the urban and rural people.


Trees are our earliest neighbours and best friends. They give us flowers, fruits, furniture, fuel and forests. Forests shelter birds and beasts.Tress gift beauty to nature. Trees produce paper, rubber,resins, fibres,herbs, honey, medicine, gum and wax. They give out oxygen to enable us to leave on the earth. They absorb from the atmosphere harmful gases which we give out. Thus they make the air pollution free. Big trees prevent soil erosion. They bring rain but prevent floods. So the Govt. of West Bengal have taken up the yearly plantation programe. They have been distributing slapping to the public free of cost. Road-side trees are planted to beautify the road and purify the air. Trees supply fresh ait to the urban population who need it most. The growing of trees helps the rural economy too. Thus the urban and rural people all reap the fruits of afforestation. We must have the motto -‘each one to plant one.’ We must leave a greener and safer earth for our future generations.

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