Paragraph on Value of Time

Hints : Introduction – time and tide wait for none – life short – to build up career – waste of time means reducing of working hours – work at earliest opportunity – good habit – we should do now what we can do leter.


Time is most valuable. The secret of success in human life is the right you of time. Time and tide wait for none. If time is gone we cannot call it back. We are to leave a lot of things undone. It is a great loss of us. Our life is short. So during this limited period we have to build up our career. We must make the most of every moment of our short life. If we waste precious minutes of our life in idleness, we reduce hours of work available to us. Work will suffer. Success will be hard to achieve. Time lost is lost for ever. We must ‘talk time by the forelock.’ We must do our work at the earliest opportunity. So we say strike the rod while it is hot. For a stitch in time saves nine. He who acts promptly prospers positively. Such a man never puts off for tomorrow what ought to be done today. The great rule of moral conduct is to respect time. A punctual man is respected by all. So all of us should do now what we can do later.

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