The King & The Spider Short Story Writing

Outlines:- The king of Scotland was defeated six times – hid himself in a cave – saw a spider trying to climb the roof -felt down six times – succeeded at last – the king was encouraged – tried again – defeated the enemies.

The King and the spider

Robert Bruce the king of Scotland was defeated six times. He ran away from his Kingdom and took shelter in a cave. He did not know how to regain Empire.

One day the king was a spider trying hard to climb up of the ceiling.It tried six times but it always failed. On its its seventh attempt he could reach its goal. This encouraged the king.He thought, “if a spider can be successful on the 7th attempt, why cannot I? Let me try it once more.”

The king then regrouped his army an attacked his enemy once again. This time he fought with renewed energy and defeated his enemy. He got back his Kingdom.

Moral-Patience and perseverance leads his success.

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