The Lion and The Mouse Story Writing In English.

Outline –

A sleeping lion – mouse playing nearly – entered into the nostril of the lion – lion about to kill it – mouse begged for mercy -lion smiled and freed it.lion caught in a net – roared -the mouse cut the net into pieces – lion was freed.

The Lion and the Mouse

Once a lion was sleeping in a cave. A mouse that was playing nearby by chance went into the nostril and woke up the lion. The sleeping lion rose in a rage. He was about to kill the poor mouse. The mouse said, “Oh, king, I have done it unwillingly. Please pardon me this time. Perhaps I may help you in future.” The lion took pity on it. He smiled and let him go.

After a few days. the lion was caught in a hunter’s net. He roared in anger and tried to get out. But could not do so. The mouse heard the roar and came to help the lion. He at once cut the net with his sharp teeth and freed the lion.

Moral:- A good deed has always a good return.

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